Date a Mathematician

Date a mathematician. He will never bore you over the word forever because he will introduce you to two words: aleph null and lemniscate. He will not whisper “always” until you fall asleep, nor will he ask you if you’re okay, but instead he will trace the symbol for infinity over and over in your palms. And sure enough, the metaphor will work with love.

He will tell you all about Cantor’s hierarchy of infinity and explain to you that infinity has a set number of levels. Both of you might get insane from all the ideas that expounded from Cantor’s thoughts to the universe, but despite knowing that, your mathematician will love you until the end of the world. He knows the future is unpredictable, and that no formulae could ever be constructed to predict the outcome between the two of you. To oppose this, he will then apply the probability of you madly falling in love with him, and despite the risk, he will take his chances.

Yes you may have friends who love Mathematics, but do you have a friend who can tell you a Math joke with a straight face? Most Math majors may be too serious, but he’s different; his dedication is brought by their passion to learn and enjoy Math at the same time.

Most imporantly, he will prove to you that there is God and His very existence is another word for everlasting. Your mathematician will be your alpha and omega after God.

With all this knowledge, your lives together will be filled with concepts of infinity, of aleph nulls and lemniscates, of forevers and everlastings. And with that comes an abundance of love.

He will tell you that love transcends time, and it extends throughout infinity. You will have no more words, but only love for the man who introduced you to a whole new world of numbers.

So date a mathematician. Or better yet, date a mathematician who is a writer at the same time.

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